Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's the day!!!!

Well CI is done with (hopefully I will get a chance to blog about that later, maybe on the plane or in the airport hehe) and I am all packed up and ready to go. I'm slightly annoyed because I was getting all excited about the possibility of a mobile boarding pass on my phone (I wouldn't have to keep up with those stupid papers) but to get those you actually have to check in FROM your phone and I did it online so I still get to carry papers. At least I can remember for my return flight I hope.

I still have a bunch of prayer cards in my room if anyone wants one. I'll try to leave them somewhere that my family can easily find. :)

Well I'm going to change the sheets and make my bed (so the awesome people coming to stay at my house for CMT can not be grossed out ;D) and possibly make one last dash to the store. I will do my best to take LOTS of pictures and post them. I will make only this once shameless begging for attention but PLEASE if you think of me, post on my Facebook or even call my cell number and leave a message. I have a Google voicemail so I will still be able to listen to those. :)


Aaress said...

Sorry to hear that the mobile check-in won't work for you on this flight. I did that on my Blackberry when I flew home from NYC and it worked great. Although, I confess, I was a little nervous, wondering if I'd have to go back through security just to get the paper printout!

Have a great trip! Praying for you!