Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day one :)

So last night when I was typing up that post I was literally falling asleep as I typed. I don't know when the last time I've been so sleepy I did that!! I don't remember anything all night until there was a knock on my door and a sweet voice was calling "Megan! It's 10 o'clock, time to get up!" Amy had sent Thomas to wake me so I could try to adjust to the right timezone. :) I had slept a full solid 12 hours (YAY for me Sarah yes?? :D) and would have kept right on! She taught me how to use their awesome little coffeemaker and I made a nice big cup of coffee before I went outside to get in the sun and try to teach my body what the new time is. The coffee is very good!! The machine looks a bit like this one:

I took my cup outside with Thomas to the trampoline. We weren't out there for terribly wrong before Amy reminded us that Thomas's collarbone was broken very recently and the trampoline was probably a bad idea until it healed. We decided to come inside and play some games, so we played Chutes & Ladders and Candyland. I made them count in French when we played Chutes & Ladders and they had to say the colors in French when we played Candyland, so I can now count to five but the colors were a little less easy. ;) Oh well keep trying yes? Numbers are probably more important for me right now than colors anyway. It's really fun though because most of the time I ask what something is in French and Sophie and Thomas can tell me.

I promise tomorrow to try to take some pictures of the kids and the house/yard. It's such a neat little place!! We played until about 2 or so and then had a rest time. I took a little nap, IM'd a few people (as it was finally morning hours in the US) and back to playing we went. Dinner and dishes and bedtime routines completed I'm down here in my room again. I keep eying the bookshelf in here which has at least half a dozen interesting sounding books on it. I might just be able to get through one or two of those these next two months. :)

For all those at home in Houston, be very jealous...the high tomorrow is 70 I think. ;)