Monday, July 19, 2010

prayer request

Well as sibling number seven has fallen prey to the icky stomach virus that's been going around I am asking if you will please pray for me that I will stay well and healthy this week!! I'm doing lots of hand washing, lots of water, and hoping my immune system is as well as it can be with regular visits to the chiropractor and the other supplements and things I've been taking. Unfortunately sleep is not something I'm probably getting "enough" of so I'm hoping that doesn't become the chink in my armor. :( I should probably have picked up some colloidal silver today while I was at the health foods store but hindsight is 20/20 right??

Speaking of, I was there getting some pycnogenol which has been tested to see if it would be helpful with jet lag. I shall let you know how it turns out. :D I'm supposed to take it beginning two days before I leave up through five days afterwards, drink plenty of water, and it is supposed to somehow help the transition be easier on my body. We shall see! I'm personally counting on the fact I will be so absolutely exhausted by the time I climb on that plane that I'll have no trouble sleeping.

I'm so very sleepy today. Not really tired although I was definitely exhausted on Saturday night, but I've just wanted to sleep all day today and the brain doesn't want to focus. I'm sure the rain helped with that. Well instead of sitting here talking about the sleep I need I'm going to try to go through verses a time or two and then get some. I knew I would be tempted to sleep in tomorrow since I didn't have work and no appointments until the afternoon so I scheduled my haircut for 9:30. Now I HAVE to be up and dressed and out the door by then. :P


Jessica Barchie said...

I take tylenol PM on the plane and sleep the whole way there... then I wake up and I'm there. It won't be a big deal getting there. Coming home is always harder to me. :)