Friday, July 30, 2010

Starting with last night I finally began to feel useful! Today continued that trend. It was Emma's birthday today so of course there was much to do between making the day a party for her and packing for Poland. There were lots of little odd jobs to do like helping Sophie with her "restaurant" where we made crepes for everyone (I had never had them, and we didn't make them from scratch just put things in them and warmed it up), washing Daisy the dog so she was ready for her trip to stay with friends while we are gone, and helping with dinner and cleanup. We ended up with lots of extra company for dinner!! It was funny every time we added someone, I ran downstairs to check the freezer for more frozen pizzas. :) It turned out pretty yummy though I think because we had started out with little pita pizzas and had extra toppings so I threw those on the frozen pizzas. They were much better that way!

It was my first day to finally feel human or normal again. The first two nights even though I slept very well and had no trouble going to sleep I just couldn't seem to feel up to par during the day. Finally around 5 PM yesterday it was like a switch flipped and I thought "hey I don't feel like my eyes are constantly crossed!" Today all day I felt great and didn't even take a nap. :) Yay me!!

Well I'm going to get ready for bed and get some sleep before we have to be up and out early in the morning! Apparently it's a super busy travel day for France tomorrow as everyone goes out of town for August, and we get to drive to the airport in it and then fly out haha. Oh boy. :) I came for an adventure didn't I??


Mamma said...

On our side of the world, Ian went to CMT and loved it. Autumn helped on Haley's team, so Ian wanted to be with them. I now have a little better idea of the whole scene that you all have been involved with for years. It was my first time in the Marriott Convention Center (?) and first time to drive over the waterway bridge. :)
We all miss you tons! Stay safe in Poland!!

Much love and prayers,