Thursday, July 29, 2010

day two

I don't think I'll always be able to blog every day (surely not enough exciting things to talk about EVERY day for 66 days right??) but for a little bit I have a lot of firsts so here goes today. We went to the grocery store today and how different it was to be in a store where everything is in a language you can't understand! Some things are easy to pick up on but I was trying to imagine doing a whole shopping trip like I would at home in Walmart or HEB for our family and it was kind of a scary thought. I found it interesting that the set up of the stores felt more like the malls we saw in St. Lucia where there are several different stores all together, your clothing store and shoe store and the grocery store but they are separate things all in the same building. To get your grocery cart you have to insert a coin (or a fake one) into the handle to unlock it from the others, then when you bring it back and hook it back up it gives you the coin back. There are also no bags, you have to bring your own. Another scary thought for large shopping trips!!

By the time we got home I was miserably sleepy again. I really don't know exactly how it works that I can get a full night's sleep (I had no trouble going to sleep last night and staying asleep) and still feel like that in the afternoon! I slept for an hour and finally about 6 PM Paris time I began to feel more human again. Great, that means it was about 11 AM at home in Houston so obviously my body is on Houston time. So once again it rings true that it isn't always about how MUCH sleep you get but WHEN you get it.

A new missionary family that is trying to get established here came for dinner tonight and the Crosses also invited a good neighbor-friend to come eat. We had pork tenderloin, salad, rice, steamed broccoli, and bread. After we had eaten plenty of that they brought out a platter with several different cheeses for us to all try and more bread. Ohhh it was so yummy!! I don't remember what all cheeses there were but one was walnut, one had pepper, one was bleu, and a couple of others. THEN we had some dessert and coffee. The company was fun too!! I have to find out how to spell the neighbor's name but she is so sweet and fun. She showed me how to kiss each cheek and pronounced me French. :) She speaks some English so between her English and Charles & Amy's French we can all get along just fine. I can hear them now all discussing the language and culture with the other family. It's pretty interesting.

It is rather chilly today! During the heat of the day it was gorgeous but now that the sun is going down it's actually a bit chilly. We are going to Wisla, Poland for the conference this weekend and I expect it will stay similar temperatures (70s in day, 50s at night). The hotel looks amazing!! It's going to be such an experience. We will be at the Hotel Golebiewski, I don't think I've ever been anywhere so fancy. :)

Well tomorrow is Emma's birthday! She is turning 9. We are supposed to do some crepes and pita pizza I think. If you could pray for baby Audrey, Amy is really working with her trying to get her to sleep. She does these little cat naps a lot and doesn't really sleep good. Last night was good but tonight has been rough with the company. It would be good if she can get this figured out for our trip! I know Amy is very tired constantly dealing with the baby.

Thinking and praying for all my people at CMT this weekend!! Hope it goes super well. :)


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