Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why we do what we do

This post is the culmination of a great deal of discussion and meditation. I'm not sure that I have it still completely put into words yet but I've definitely finally thought of a way to put down something I've been meaning to blog about. As our preferences and convictions have developed over the years there was always something that I couldn't put my finger on that seemed to separate things into two categories. Today it kind of sort of clicked.

As I've made decisions about what things I participate in and what things I don't there was always a struggle. What would God think of this? How does this fit? The Bible doesn't really address this or that issue. How do I know what He wants me to do? Some people say that a certain activity is wrong and some think it is okay. Why the difference between one Christian to the next? Obviously we all have to hear from God about what He wants us to do but something that has helped me to better understand it is that there are essentially two different kinds of activities I should not participate in. One kind of thing would be the things God clearly spells out in the Bible--thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, you know the drill. The second type is the one that usually causes all the division however--things that we abstain from because of the appearance of evil.

What kinds of things appear evil can change through the years. Something considered wrong in Bible times won't necessarily be considered wrong today and vice versa. Here is the key--to focus on the principle, not the application of it. Don't get so wrapped up in specific applications of things that you forget the point of it. For example, modesty can not be defined. You can't give someone exact guidelines on exactly how their clothes should fit and know that will always make them modest. Some of modesty is attitude and how you wear your clothes. If you have completely modest clothing but act like the woman Proverbs warns us about, you are not modest. Something that made even more sense to me was when Dr. Innes who we heard speak at The Wilds used the example of playing pool. Years ago pool was seen as something associated with drinking and worldly behavior. Now it does not have the same connotations and we can play pool without those same appearances of evil. It is all about the principle not the application of it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

more kid stuff

I heard from my Mamma that she very much enjoys hearing these conversations with the kids so I figure I will keep posting them if for nothing else but her. :-) And one day I can use this as blackmail...

Josiah: "Be glad you only have to double buckle with Joel--"
Me: "Just knock it off right now!"
Emma: "I wasn't saying anything!"
Me: "But every time you have to double buckle we end up with this conversation. Do you remember how long we were crammed in a station wagon and the AC didn't work very well in the back? The missionaries in St. Lucia don't even HAVE seat belts!"
Reuben: (in a very Steve-Martin-Clouseau voice) "Good one Megan."
Me: (slightly flustered) "What did you say??"
Reuben: "Good one Megan. You know like when he kicks the guy under the table..."

Emma: "It's like an air refreshner!"

Reuben: (singing as he runs across the house) "I need to go to the bathroom really bad...I need to go to the bathroom really bad..."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

kids say the darndest things

During prayer time lately Joel and Reuben have begun praying for each person by name. While cute and sweet this has sometimes been slightly annoying as they don't do any rhyme or reason to it and forget who they have prayed for and who they haven't. Tonight after Joel did his Reuben had a slightly different prayer than normal.
"Thank you God. I pray for Micah the stinkiest." Snickers went all around as we had just been giving Micah a hard time about not putting on enough deoderant.
"Luke the awesome one." Elbow jabs and more snickers.
"Megan the prettiest. Haley the not prettiest." Some of the kids were laughing by this point. "Josh the meanie head." More chuckles and Reuben is definitely feeding off the crowd. He walks around pointing to each person as he prays for them.
"Emma the lamest. Joel the coolest. Mom the prettiest. Josiah the coolest."
I was hiding my face and trying to not let him see me but he wasn't quite through. "Reuben the awesome one." At this point we all erupted in fits of laughter. I'm sure we will be in for more of the same since got a good reaction out of us. This is the kind of thing that makes me so enjoy living in a house of little kids, they just say the darndest things. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009


I don't probably ask for prayer often enough for my Pappaw. As some of you know things have been very rough for awhile now and it seems to be getting worse. This is the last update my grandmother wrote. Today was the appointment date and they were gone to the Dr most of the day I think. We really covet your prayers right now.

The tumor marker was down a little, but it appears from the CT scan that some areas in the lung are possibly slightly increased.

More importantly, the MRI revealed that the tumor surrounding the vertebrae has definitely progressed and is beginning to put pressure on the spinal cord. Some of what we have blamed on chemo side effects are likely symptoms of that pressure, and he is again experiencing some pain. The neurosurgeon ordered a steroid to hopefully reduce inflammation and reduce pain until after the holidays.

New tests are scheduled for January 9th to see what has happened since chemo was discontinued on Dec.19th. We have an appointment on Jan.12th to discuss pros and cons of surgery and other treatment options, though chemo options may be exhausted. We already know the surgery to relieve pressure on the spinal cord is very severe and life-altering and would leave the other areas of disease unaddressed. We are so grateful for continued prayers as we face decisions in the days ahead. In our weaknesses, He is our strength and the provider of every need:

  • good counsel
  • wisdom
  • clear direction
  • confirmation
  • peace of mind
  • that we would glorify the King of Kings in all things