Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Wilds, day 3

Today seemed pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday which is lame because it doesn't seem very fun or exciting to post about. It's really been nice to not do a lot of anything but it makes for some lame blogging. :) It did seem to be a bit warmer today than Monday/Tuesday...I think it made it to 37. ;) When the sun went down though the temperatures fell again.

Tonight was the funtime where we get to watch the guys do hilarious sketches. I videoed all of them this year although none were new. I will post them when I get a chance. After that we had a concert from Mac & Beth Lynch and then a devotional with Dr. Binney. He is so funny and yet preaches the most convicting sermons. I put in an order form tonight to get the mp3s from this week and I can't wait to get them and listen again.

The only real noteworthy thing from today seemed to be that as of this morning the forecast only called for some snow flurries tomorrow with little or no snow accumulation...but as of tonight it is changed to 70% chance of snow with up to two inches of accumulation possible. Friday morning when we wake up it should be REALLY white around here!! (Note: To our mothers and grandmothers--we DO plan on driving carefully when we leave and safely and all that jazz. There shouldn't be any ice on the roads I don't think just snow and Mr. James assured us that was all we had to worry about.) Pictures will definitely be taken. :)

Well I am off to bed soon. Love to all at home!


Paula said...

*smile* Well, this mama will still be concerned until my little girl pulls into the driveway!!!