Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post-Wilds wrap up

Friday we slept in and took our time getting dressed for the day. There was much deliberation over what to do with ourselves since it was so cold and we had a whole day but in the end we just decided to go to Taco Bell for lunch and figure everything else out as we went. We were thinking of going to the James' house for the night but on our way back we saw just how bad the ice and decided we really didn't want to chance it since we knew we could safely get to the highway from the Tysons'. We were very sorry to not get to see the James again before heading home!!! :( So we opted for a quiet afternoon/evening in complete with Rockband and a few movies. It was nice to relax and just hang out with Joey.

Bright and early Saturday morning (7 AM Eastern time) we set off for home. There was a lot of ice and snow in Georgia but once we made it to Alabama it began to disappear. I drove us as far as the Mississippi border where Erin took over. I tried to nap a bit and while I was asleep Erin found more ice starting around Meridian on towards Jackson but after that it seemed to clear up again. We were very grateful that God kept us safe and we were able to avoid all the big ice patches by keeping to the center lanes.

We made a brief stop in Lufkin to have dinner with the wonderful Slanny!! :) I don't get to see this girl nearly enough. :( Everyone was anxious to be home so we kept our visit short and hopped back in the car to go again, finally arriving at my house around 9:30. Would you believe I almost felt TOO warm when I got inside my house??? I was sooooo glad because I feel like I've been freezing to death the last week. There was of course a wonderful reception by the kids complete with a welcome home banner and my room being very carefully cleaned and vacuumed. I have of course now trashed it again with all my luggage from my trip but it was nice to see it clean to start with!! I'm beginning to feel somewhat human again after giving my face a good scrub, brushing my teeth and putting on some warm, clean pajamas. Now the tricky part after a week away...what is clean that I can wear to church tomorrow!


Paula said...

When Erin got home, I informed her that I had all the laundry caught up and the laundry room emptied so she could wash up her stuff. I think she was too tired to mess with it tonight. But, it's ready for her when she's ready! :D