Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Wilds, day 2

After an exhausting last week I decided that today I didn't want to go the morning sessions and was going to sleep in and get ready for the day leisurely. I slept til 10 and it felt really nice! We went to the reading session at 11:30 and were just a bit disappointed...Majesty was there and had some good stuff but nothing mind blowing. We had lunch and decided that it was probably not so smart that we didn't fill the car up before coming up the mountain so Erin and I drove down to fill it. Along the way we admired the snow again and mentally marked a few spots to stop and take pictures at. When we came back up we pulled off the road and had fun.

We had a second reading session at 4:30 with the major publishers which usually has some of the better music and then dinner followed by another reading session. The concert for tonight was a quartet of men from The Wilds and was wonderful as usual. Following that we had our second session with Dr. Binney which was just as amazing as the night before. I am definitely getting the mp3s of this week to listen to again and again so I can just soak it all in!! This is what I really love about The Wilds...not just music but really good, convicting, challenging and encouraging preaching.

All in all it seemed like a fairly uneventful day but I like it that way to a certain extent. While I dreadfully miss all the peoples who are usually here and all the fun and partying that goes on it is also really nice to not do a whole lot of anything but try to stay warm and listen to the wonderful music and preaching. I hope to come back this week refreshed, recharged and ready to start the new year off right.