Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good news & bad news -- Pappaw update

Donard had tests on Monday and saw the oncologist for a report on Tuesday. We never give up hope for a good report, but the doctor was not surprised that there were more new spots in both lungs, and the original ones had grown larger in the period without chemo since last November. Also, the tissue around what remains of the rib that was removed has grown. His CEA (cancer indicator from blood work) was around 7 in November and is now 18.2, the highest ever.

It has been six weeks since surgery, and there is one drain tube remaining. The oncologist wants Donard to call when the last tube is removed and he is feeling better in order to schedule a new round of chemo, probably a repeat of a formula he had last fall. While the oncology report was not good, Donard's ability to be awake during the day is improving, and he is feeling better overall. We are grateful there are still absolutely no symptoms from the lung tumors, and as unbelievable as it sounds, pain from surgery has never been a major issue. Weaning off all the pain medication he has been on since December, however, is a very slow process. Physical therapy is planned to begin next week. When Donard is strong enough to return to work, the surgeon wanted him to begin with half-days at first, but Mustang does not want him to return until he can work full time. That may be another couple weeks.

Your prayers, cards, calls, visits, and e-mails have been a continual source of encouragement to all of us. Thank you so much for being an important part of the recovery process, and we are very grateful for your continued prayers.

Rose Ann


Forrest said...

Thank you for the update. Please know that both of you are loved and have our continued prayers.

Isaiah 26:3 reminds us, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee."

Look to JESUS!