Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost four weeks after surgery, Donard has done well according to the doctors, but some areas are yet to improve. He is not gaining strength, sleeps most of the time, and his back and legs tire in just minutes. Blood pressure extremes continue to be an issue, as well. Little to no pain is the good news, and he was able to eliminate the morphine about two weeks after surgery. Since slowly reducing and eliminating the steroid, we are hoping the swelling in his face and neck will subside. One drain tube was removed last Tuesday, leaving only two in place, and the collection bottles were reduced in size, which has made everything simpler. We are grateful for many demonstrations of love that have encouraged us through recent weeks and for prayers that continue to strengthen and sustain us.


Forrest said...

Thoughts and prayers Brother and Sister Gregg. We love you.

"Glad to hear the pain is limited."