Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clearplay trouble

I've done a bit of Googling and checking on Clearplay's site but haven't found anything that really addresses my problem. When watching a movie it randomly glitches and the video goes black for various amounts of time (from a split second to ten or more seconds). I thought at first there were scratches on the disc but have determined this is not the problem as it did that with a brand new movie that we opened and put straight in. The sound is never interrupted so I thought perhaps it was the cables we were using but those are also brand new. I intend to eventually give customer service a call but thought I would put this out in case anyone else has had this trouble. It has really made such a problem we avoid watching things on it (if we think we can get away with it at all we use the PS3).


Aaress said...

Ugh - that's no fun. Try giving their customer service a call.

We've not had any problems like that with ours, although we do have to turn the player off before attempting to play a second disc. For some reason, it fails to recognize the filter. Sometimes, we even have to remove and re-insert the USB drive.