Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things learned first week of diet

So I went to the doctor and she says I have a little problem with candida. What does this mean? She wants me to take a prescription to kill it and go on a diet of only meat, veggies, fruit and beans. Yes many of my friends who have done this have told me you aren't supposed to have fruit but she told me I could and it's my lifeline right now okay? The medicine or maybe the dying yeast I'm not sure which causes me to have multiple annoying side effects--most people describe it as flu-like symptoms, a crazy bad headache, body aches, and slight nausea off and on. I'm also very tired and have next to no energy. Because of the nausea this makes me NOT want to eat the things I should (like meat and fresh veggies) and the only thing I can make myself want to eat when I'm nauseous is fruit. I'm assuming she knows what she's doing for now since I'm not her first patient and the lady at the health foods store recognized her name and said she was a good doctor.

When I first went to the grocery store on Saturday I really had no idea what I wanted or needed to survive this diet. I came home with some random fresh veggies for one or two recipes I'd found, fajita seasoned chicken, apples and almond butter. What I have found is that I really liked Rasta Pasta with a few minor tweaks and no pasta, and rotisserie chicken with mock potatoes (cauliflower mashed up). I put most of the fajita chicken in the freezer, it will be handy for Sunday lunches I think because I can just grab a baggy of that and some salad. So strategy for next week? I think I'm going to buy a whole chicken and do it myself in the oven and get like three huge bags of cauliflower. :P If it's possible to be sick of it I will be I'm sure because for now it's the only thing I really want that I can have.

Surprisingly I haven't found myself really craving or longing for any desserts or things I'd typically eat. I miss having coffee in the morning but only because it's a comfort thing to me not because my mouth really wants it. Mostly I just want to stop thinking so hard about what I can have and trying to come up with something that sounds good from that list and just eat whatever the family is eating.

Some new things to try this week--I think I'd like to try doing some fish (tilapia maybe?) but the fact that I come home so late every night from work makes me want fast and easy things to make. Other things to get and try, spaghetti squash and I think I have all the ingredients to make some ratatouille. Since I'm currently eating fruit I'm thinking of making some smoothies with frozen fruit and soy milk. Fingers crossed it turns out good. :P I'm really craving creamy things but can't have anything creamy. I want cheese too. I want alfredo and creamy chicken dishes. And did I mention cheese? Stink.

If any body has done this before and has some good recipes they want to share please pass them along! What are some things you made to try to imitate other foods we can't have (like the mashed cauliflower or using spaghetti squash as spaghetti noodles)?