Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this and that

Time continues to fly by and plans are becoming more concrete for my trip to Paris! If I think about it too much I get so giddy and excited I can hardly stand it. I try to not give it too much thought for that reason beyond logistics. I've been accepted by Mission Nannys as a part of their team and go with the full backing of their mission board. They are printing up prayer cards for me and everything. :) If you would like one just let me know and when they come in I'll get one to you.

It feels more real because I'm going to actively be putting aside the money for my plane ticket now. I have a goal amount and a date to have it saved by, and it's awfully close! I work best under pressure though as far as saving money goes. With no deadline or specific goal I tend to just waffle around with money. I need to be better about following a budget although I've found I don't work as well with Dave Ramsey's plan. Or maybe I just didn't try hard enough long enough? Anyhow I decided my own little thing was working out well enough, maybe just using his principles and sticking to my plan (which is better than NO plan!) was the best way to go.

I've been having fun cooking lately, trying new things and expanding my horizons in the area of food. I made the most amazing dinner tonight if I say so myself!! I made Pioneer Woman's Linguine with Shrimp, the Food Network's Garlic Sauteed Spinach, and creamed corn. Oh my goodness. I have to say though, Pioneer Woman talks about how fun it is to put the linguine & shrimp in the foil and how cute it is and all that--I don't know what she's talking about because that wasn't very fun, it seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Seems like it would be easier to just leave it in the pot and cover the top with foil. Same difference yeah? I will try that next time. Oh and it makes A TON so I probably won't double it. Also the spinach was a bit salty so I'd probably double everything but the salt next time. It still made for an epic dinner and everyone else agreed it was amazing. Score for me. :) Next time I get brave I'm going to try asparagus. :D


Forrest said...

Megan I'm starved!'re spoiled!

Melody said...

Hey Megan, have you ever gone through the FPU course? I have the whole leader edition set (to lead a FPU) and if you'd like borrow any of my CD's or DVD's you're welcome to!

It'd be interesting to start a group - I wonder how many of the people/young people would be interested in doing something like that. ?

Your food sounds DELICIOUS!

Mamma said...

Mendi and Jodi are trying out new dishes around here. Jodi made a great one we ALL enjoyed (even both kids). It was Chinese using ramen, and she said it was super easy. Mendi has a wonderful recipe for baked asparagus - the secret is the sauce. I can't imagine how much asparagus your family would need. :)

I should be excited with you about your trip, but I am having trouble geting into the spirit over your extended absence. You will be missed exceedingly! May God supply all your needs abundantly above all I can ask or think.

Love you lots,

Megan said...

Melody I have been through the FPU course, Mendi, Misti and I did it. I tried to get a group together and no one was interested in it at the time. You could try again though, it might have been the timing (we did it just before Christmas either last year or the year before).

Beth Stewart said...

That is so great you getting to go to Paris! :) I'd love the prayer sheet when you get it! :)

I'll be praying for you as you prepare to go and such.

Kaelinn said...

That's still so awesome that you are able to do this!! :)..even if you have to miss Cmt..:( oh, and I'd also like one of the prayer cards, when they come in! :)

I'll def be praying for you as you are getting everything prepared to go and all! :)