Saturday, May 30, 2009

Houston IBLP Seminars


IBLP Houston Seminars - Basic, Advanced, Anger Resolution

Mark your calendars! The IBLP seminars are coming to Houston on July 23-25 at Sagemont Church.

Seminars that will be offered: Basic (available in Spanish), Advanced, and Anger Resolution Seminar
There will also be a Children’s Program offered for children ages 5-12.
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Seminars Overview

Basic Seminar
The Basic Seminar addresses seven Biblical principles that apply to every person, regardless of culture, religion, age, education, or social status. It emphasizes the factors needed to develop and maintain healthy, growing relationships with God, family members, and friends.

Advanced Seminar
Building upon the foundational principles taught at the Basic Seminar, the Advanced Seminar discusses more specific application of Biblical principles to the areas of marriage, family, education, and finances.

Anger Resolution Seminar
The Anger Resolution Seminar equips individuals with the tools necessary for identifying and removing the root causes of anger and shows how God’s truth and power can achieve what our resolve cannot. It also explains how to avoid anger by learning to give verbal blessings.

IBLP Houston

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