Saturday, October 11, 2008

What YOU can do for the election

Yes it's getting close to that time of year and it's my annual beg for the county. ;) Unless there is a good reason why you can't why don't you seriously consider contacting your local election officials about working the polls on election day? It's an extremely gratifying experience and you do get reimbursed somewhere near minimum wage for your time. Speaking as someone who has worked nearly every election since I turned 18 I can tell you no matter what election is going on someone needs help somewhere. And this is not just any election this is the election of a lifetime in my humble opinion. Remembering the last presidential election and how insanely crazy it was this one should be even bigger since there will not be an incumbent in the running. I'll be honest with you, it's hard work and you will be exhausted no matter how many hours you put in that day, but imagine how much worse it is when you don't have the maximum number of people working the polls you are allowed to have? It's a sad fact but there is also the point that many people with ill intentions work elections so they can try to throw results and have quite successfully done this many times. Just look at the nightmares there were in some of the Democratic caucuses in TX this year and imagine that kind of chaos at your voting locations. For the sake of integrity in the election process I also strongly urge you to consider helping.