Sunday, October 26, 2008

My birthday!

So my birthday was Saturday and it was good. Katherine (dearest of Dianas) was in town and took me out for lunch joined by Emily. That was a lot of fun!! Olive Garden is always fun of course but combine that with Katherine and you're sure to have a party. I also found Emily is a perfect addition to our goofiness and it was definitely a blast!

After I left there we went to my grandparents' for the afternoon/evening and some brisket. Oh baby!! I don't know how I managed to do it since I was still pretty full from lunch but I ate some brisket, sausage, "potatoes delish", beans and salad. Then of course there was birthday cake (TWO kinds!) and ice cream. All in all I'd say it was a great day. I mean what else are birthdays for but for eating right??

I'm also pretty happy because I realized my winter wardrobe was pretty pathetic (okay it wasn't a sudden revelation, I remembered that from last year but it was reminded me when I went through my winter clothes box on Friday) and ordered some stuff on clearance from Old Navy. I had found a whole bunch of stuff I wanted and added it to my Amazon universal wishlist for easy looking up later when I had birthday money. However when I discovered some extra moolah I didn't know I had on hand I decided to go ahead, set a budget and buy some of those things. I decided long sleeved shirts were most needed so I got three of those and a pair of lounge pants in my cart before checking on coupon codes on Google. If you sign up for newsletters from Old Navy you get $10 off $50 so I did and said "w00t with the $10 extra I can buy another shirt!" so I did. Then on my birthday Mom gave me an Old Navy card! She had seen the clothes in my wishlist and was at first disappointed I had already made a purchase but I assured her there were still more items I wanted but hadn't bought so now I will get those as well. That combined with money from my grandparents I am going to see if I can find some other needed clothing items. I shall have a whole new wardrobe when I'm done. :) w00t what girl doesn't love new clothes??


Laine said...

happy belated birthday, Megan!!