Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The latest family drama

Please pray for the family right now. Granny had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital today. She has a compression fracture in her L2 vertebrae. As many of you know she has Alzheimer's and this makes everything incredibly complicated. She can neither understand what is going on or assist in her care in any way (such as telling us what hurts) and constantly fights everything.

This will probably also have long-term effects on her health as every 'traumatic' incident will progress her Alzheimer's a little more. They usually don't fully bounce back after major illnesses. My grandparents need to move to a different house with bedrooms downstairs so they can take care of her. Right now all the bedrooms in their house are upstairs.

The current situation will also have ripple effects among the whole family and we will probably be all pressed into service this week in one way or another so please remember us. :-)


southerntragedy said...

Hugs and prayers for your family shuug. My 91 year old mama took a tumble a couple weeks ago. She's now in re-hab, but more like a nursing home. Depressing and we're trying to get her home ASAP. I know what you're going through and will also ask the Lord for comfort, knowledge and strength.

I hope to meet you at the state convention. I have considered you to be my favorite, youngest conservative!!!