Friday, May 30, 2008

a dark chocolate day

Well it's definitely been one of those "dark chocolate days". If you are a female you probably know exactly what I mean by that and if you're not, well the best I can tell you is that for absolutely no reason whatsoever you feel sad-ish and eating dark chocolate always helps. On this particular dark chocolate day I took four ibuprofens in a four hour period so that probably helped too.

I've been housesitting this week. Okay so really what needed sitting was not the house but the bird and cats. My aunt and uncle and cousins went on vacation and asked me to keep on eye on Squeak and her adorable babies Jazz & Pixie, Oreo the outside cat and Pickles the bird.

They came home today so I am back in my own bed tonight yay! I must really be getting old and a wuss because I'm having more and more trouble adjusting to sleeping in different houses.

Tomorrow I take my sister off to Big Sandy for a month. Oh well she is staying for a month, I'm just driving her there and coming back. Dear Hannah is being lent to be by her wonderful mom as a traveling buddy so I won't be lonesome on my way back and no bad guys feel tempted to snag me. ;) Anyhow I will be driving all day tomorrow. Fun.

In case you haven't noticed I added a cool little gadget to the right side called WIMZI. Using WIMZI you can IM me (if I'm logged into AIM). Sweet huh?