Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Life is pain highness. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is selling something."

I feel like I'm drowning sometimes. Whenever I stop to think about everything going on right now in my immediate family and my close friends it makes me crazy. I feel there are too many people who need help, more than I can give. It's tiring to think about, and it hurts to think of the sorrow involved which also makes me more tired...

It never feels like enough people realize how many in this world are hurting and struggling to take one moment at a time. I have decided that is one of my major pet peeves, when people don't understand the depths of pain and sorrow someone is going through. I didn't used to understand but I sure as heck tried! And I tried to be there for my friends if they needed to vent or cry. I guess saying that they don't understand is the wrong way to phrase it. You CAN'T understand until you've been there, but there is a difference between reaching out to a friend and--well not reaching out.

Sometimes people aren't completely oblivious, they just don't know what to say or do. And that's okay! I've discovered it's enough just for someone to say "Hey Megan I'm thinking of you and praying for you. I love you." A hug. A piece of chocolate. Lots of little things can help bring a piece of sunshine to an otherwise VERY stormy day.

If you know somebody going through a rough time tell them you love them today. You can't fully understand the impact of just a little kindness like that until you've been in a hard place and had someone say it to you, but take it from someone who knows--it WILL help. It might be giving them enough encouragement to take another little step forward.


Erin said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO true. Hit it right on girlie!!!

I don't understand exactly what you're going through but we both know the other has had it and had it's share and are TIRED of all of it.

You know I love you. I do. And I'm praying for you and if you ever need me you know where I am. (close enough to come running!!!)

I'm all ready to go to granny's cabin soon and cry and laugh, vent and watch chick flicks and chill!!!!!!!

Love you!!!!! ))HUG((