Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Playing hooky :-)

I am avoiding work...so I thought I would blog. That is why some of this is going to sound pretty random. ;)

We found a fix for the washing machine situation!! We ran some drain cleaner through it and now it will drain properly!! I guess the combination of dirty drain and a stronger pump was too much, but now we have it under control. Thank heavens we won't have to manually stand over there with the washer anymore! Hopefully God is still getting those high-efficiency front-loading machines for us, maybe it's just taking Him a little longer so He is giving us a break by letting the old one work right. ;)

Today we had pictures done with Sara. I can't wait to see them!! We went to Mercer Arboretum which isn't far for us and it was very pretty. We did the white and denim look and the little boys were absolutely adorable with their jeans and boots. :) When we get some pictures I will put a couple up.

Dedication Day at our church on Sunday went very well. It was such a special day and everyone sounded wonderful in our new sound system. (KUDOS SOUND GUYS!!) I can't wait to see/hear the recordings from that day.

It was also the last day for Voice of Grace to sing together (officially). Of course one can never tell what God is going to do so I am not holding my breath that we will NEVER sing together again. :) I can just see us now at the THSC conference trying to sell some more CDs. :D Here is our last group picture (for now *wink*).