Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Windows Vista--it's the end of the world!!!

Okay does anyone else remember what it was like when Windows XP came out? The first group ran out and bought it, installed it, and promptly found a few bugs. They all started screaming that XP was ridiculous, don't buy it, it would destroy your computer. I've discovered this is a vicious cycle that attacks every Windows product.

Case in point: I heard from many who got Vista in the beginning and said it had some bugs. That's fine and to be expected, and so a year later when I bought my laptop with Vista I was fully prepared to out and buy a copy of XP (amazing now it is okay with everyone despite the whole SP 2 ordeal) if I couldn't deal with the supposedly horrendous Vista. Amazingly enough since I've had Vista I've grown to like it quite well. Now I still don't know quite where everything is and all but it isn't really the bug ridden disaster people would have you think it is. As part of my job I read through reviews all the time for companies like Best Buy and Dell and do you know that 90% of the reviews for new laptops say "I LOVE my laptop except for VISTA it STINKS", "If you can avoid Vista do it!!!" and the like. Do you know what I've decided it is? People don't like change. They all got used to XP and now don't want to change to something new. It could be quite daunting I'm sure for someone quite comfortable with XP (like myself) to then try to learn Vista, but I'm sure it can't be any crazier of a difference than it was to learn XP after Windows 98 (which people seem to have done quite well) or to even learn 98 after 3.1 (I think that was the last one but forgive me as I was quite young back then haha).

So if you are one of those people who likes to scare everyone with horror stories about Vista--it's really going to be okay. Vista will not be the downfall of computer users everywhere. We simply learn to use the software and then discover it really is better than XP in some ways. Otherwise they wouldn't have spent all the time and money to create it would they? I personally rather like my Vista and if we can just get some of these compatibility issues fixed with other programs then I could be perfectly happy. Oh and the compatibility wizard is my best friend!!

But underneath this I did find a spiritual application. Change is a universal "problem". Everyone has to deal with change in their spiritual lives, families, friends, jobs...if nothing ever changed, we wouldn't ever get better. We would be a stagnant, stinking puddle of water. I would rather be a pretty little creek. Change is not always easy, nor is it what we want at the time. But it always makes you stronger for having been through the experience. Not that Vista will make you a better Christian. ;)