Sunday, March 16, 2008

my weekend

Well my company is in transition now from one method of scheduling to a new one and my hours are a little different. Everything didn't change over at the same time though so I am effectively working lots of extra hours. For example on Thursday I clocked 14 hours (and some odd minutes). Thankfully I didn't do this all at the same time but it was pretty does count the three and a half hours I worked from 12-3:30 AM that morning plus the 12ish hours from noon to midnight. So basically I went to sleep after one shift, and got up in time to start working again and didn't go to bed until after 12 AM Friday. That day will repeat itself this Tuesday and possibly Thursday, I can't remember exactly which day the other server changes over. Not my idea of fun. (However the paycheck will be fun to spend! or at least make a sizeable chunk in my newly established first-car-fund.)

So after all that work on Thursday was I ever ready for a break!! I am always ready for a break by the time Thursday is over with but as you can understand I was quite happy to see Friday come around. Mom, Savanna and I took Joshua, Josiah, Emma, Reuben, and Joel to the Livestock Show!! It was just as much fun as I remembered. Joel wasn't quite sure if he really wanted to pet the goats (not even the babies) but I eventually convinced him to touch it really quickly. He did warm up by the time we got to the rabbits and definitely enjoyed those!! There was also this nifty little group called The Biscuit Brothers. They were quite a hoot and the kids loved them. They have a TV show on PBS (the Houston channel apparently decided they didn't like them and haven't been playing them but if enough people call and complain they might put them back on) and are way better than The Wiggles!! They teach kids about music, things like tempo and dynamics and have some pretty fun traditional kiddie songs done with a guitar, banjo, bass and drums. Joel wasn't participating so I was moving his hands for him and helping him clap. At one point I decided to stop since he didn't seem to be interested but I noticed after a moment his little hands slid up under mine and he lifted them (trying to tell me to continue). So on we went! It was really hard sometimes because they got fast and you had to clap, slap your leg, and do some funny motions in a short period of time and it was really hard for me to translate into making his hands do it but oh well, we had fun!!

That was quite exhausting and I worked late Friday night/Saturday morning. Got up, worked some more (I'm telling you I'm going to be rejecting reviews in my sleep) and went off to ensemble practice and then to spend the night with Erin while she house-sat. Well it was more like dog-sat. We watched "The Holiday" again (that is becoming our movie for some reason), talked a little and went to bed. We are becoming quite boring. There was a time when we probably would have watched two movies at least and talked until 5 AM but since I was so tired from working and had to go to church, and she was plenty tired from her crazy week I think we were both ready for bed before we even watched one!

So here I am now, it is Sunday night and I have MORE work (I officially hate Walmart reviews...oh wait I said that in January...) and I was falling asleep during family devotions. And off to another craaaazy week...