Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We made it!

Well I realized I never posted that we successfully navigated our time without Amy and Charles and they made it back home to us. The last couple of days have been busy with trying to get caught up on laundry, some things around the house that I wasn't able to do on my own, and packing me up to head back home. I can hardly believe it's already time and yet it does seem like it's been forever that I've been here!

I have nothing extraordinary to share about these last few days. We had Raclette one last time for my farewell meal on Monday night and I made chocolate chip cookies one last time for them. This time they were just about perfect. :) Last time I made them they were SO DRY and I had to add tons of shortening and they STILL were dry. This time I started out with a whole cup less of flour and STILL TOO DRY. So bizarre. Apparently French flour is a bit different. But this time it was just a little too dry so I added a bit of shortening and made sure it had enough before cooking them. Then instead of cooking them all up I froze some of the dough in balls for Amy so they can pull them out and cook them fresh sometime in the future. Maybe they will think of me when they eat them. :)

Looks like I'm coming home just in time, Bath & Body Works is breaking out the fall scents and some new ones. Can't wait to smell them. :) The weather here has me definitely in the fall-ish mood! It's been cold and cloudy for the last three days. I did not bring enough long sleeves with me! I will remedy that the end of this month when we come for the retreat.

Well I'm going to try to get a little nap in before it's time to get to the airport. I have an 8:10 AM flight so we're headed to the airport at 6 AM. Au revoir my new French friends, I will miss you! But so AWFULLY glad to be able to see my home people again. "I've had my run, baby I'm done, I gotta go home." :)