Wednesday, June 30, 2010

plotting and planning

My how the time is fleeting until CI and Paris...I'm so worried I'm going to forget something vitally important for one or the other until it's too late! The other night I dreamed I made it to Paris and opened my suitcase and I'd forgotten to pack clothes. I'm sure that won't happen but it made for a stressful dream.

One of the super cool things about this whole adventure (yes adventure and I haven't even left yet!) is that a friend of a friend also got on the Mission Nannys' site and got connected with a family in Rome. She left a week ago! I've been reading her blog and enjoying it so much. It's so obviously God's plan for her to be there and it awes me to have been used as an instrument to point her in that direction. How amazing is our God?? We haven't even met officially but we've been chatting some and I am picking up a kindred spirit vibe. :) Those are few and far between so it's pretty cool. We are determined to meet when I get back from Paris. She comes home the end of August and I won't be home for another month so we will pass each other.

I also love how God cares about the small things. One day I was chatting with my friend Jen who lives in London about what I would need to plug my American electronics into the European outlets. She showed me exactly what to buy and I bookmarked it to remember to purchase later. Less than twelve hours had passed before I received an email from my Mamma saying she'd found two of the exact converters I needed and would love for me to use them if I wanted or needed them. I had not even told anyone yet about it!

On the CI front we've had quite the time of it with our curriculum this year. I think it's because of the brand new-ness that we've had so many lines crossed but we originally received the old version of the curriculum we wanted whereas I'd been working the last month off the new version (different crafts and memory verses). Thanks to my wonderful friend Sarah who made a LOT of phone calls for me we got to the bottom of the mix up and will be receiving the correct curriculum soon. It was beginning to bother me since we are getting down to the wire!

I'm beginning to think I might start actually packing some clothes soon. Some of the things I'm going to be taking are more fall-ish (for Houston weather anyway) and I most certainly will not be wearing them here before then. I also thought of packing things like hairspray and the like. There will still be plenty left for me to do the night before I'm sure! But I have this basket in my room of miscellaneous clothing items that should have been packed away in the out of season box but never did so I'd like to go ahead and get all of that type of thing taken care of and leave a nice clean room to come home to. I also should put away some of these piles, especially the one on my bed...hmm...