Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conversations with Joel

The funny thing about Joel these days is 75% of his conversation consists of the following two phrases: "Huh?" and "How you know?". This can be very frustrating but also highly amusing.

Joel spots me with a box of cheezits and holds out his hand for one
me (handing him one): "They're spicy."
Joel: "How you know?"
me: "Because I ate one."
Joel: "Huh?"

Today however my favorite conversation went something like this:

Joel: "Going to the beach?"
me: "Yes."
Joel: "Can I go too?"
me: "Yup."
Joel: "What's a beach?"
me: "It's um...sand and water."
Joel misinterprets this as being sand IN water and babbles something about getting the water dirty.
Joel: "Can you swim it?"
me: "Yes, you can swim in it."
Joel: "Will you swim too?"
me: "Yes."
Joel (thinking of the pool in our backyard): "Is there a ladder at the beach?"
me: "No there's no ladder you can just walk into it."
Joel: "Huh??"


Elyse said...

LOL!!! You gotta love him! ;)