Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lots of sick kids :(

We have had lots of sick kids around here lately!! Starting on Friday last week several of them began running fevers and coughing. By Sunday six of them were sick from Luke all the way down to Joel. They've been pretty pathetic and the couches have been covered with invalids huddled under throws. ;-) Reuben in particular has been spiking some high fevers several days in a row (in excess of 103). The others seem to be mostly better although there are a few fevers here and there.

Me: "Why aren't you watching Macgyver with Joel?"
Reuben: "I'm going to throw up on Mom's bed!"
Me: "You think you're going to throw up??"
Reuben: "Yes."
Me: "Micah can you give him a bucket?"
*a few minutes later, Reuben has a bucket and goes upstairs to watch TV with Joel who shows up shortly thereafter*
Joel: "I need a bucket too."
Me: "Why?"
Joel (in his most pathetic voice): "I'm sick."