Friday, January 23, 2009

more kid stuff

I heard from my Mamma that she very much enjoys hearing these conversations with the kids so I figure I will keep posting them if for nothing else but her. :-) And one day I can use this as blackmail...

Josiah: "Be glad you only have to double buckle with Joel--"
Me: "Just knock it off right now!"
Emma: "I wasn't saying anything!"
Me: "But every time you have to double buckle we end up with this conversation. Do you remember how long we were crammed in a station wagon and the AC didn't work very well in the back? The missionaries in St. Lucia don't even HAVE seat belts!"
Reuben: (in a very Steve-Martin-Clouseau voice) "Good one Megan."
Me: (slightly flustered) "What did you say??"
Reuben: "Good one Megan. You know like when he kicks the guy under the table..."

Emma: "It's like an air refreshner!"

Reuben: (singing as he runs across the house) "I need to go to the bathroom really bad...I need to go to the bathroom really bad..."


Elyse said...

LOL! Little sibllings are so funny!! Reuben cracks me up! ;)