Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Dark Knight

Okay so we (Savanna, Micah, Luke & I) went to see The Dark Knight with Bradley, Barron, Hannah and some friends. Let me just say that was a really good movie. I went into it a little hesitantly considering all the warnings I'd received about how dark the movie was (although I thought to myself what can you expect from a movie with dark in the title??) and was pleasantly surprised. As it seems to be with all middle movies (I'm assuming this one is a trilogy) it does have it's downers and sad moments (I don't want to give anything away). I think that is almost inherent in the nature of middle movies. I read something one time about the Star Wars movies that I thought pretty much summed it up. The middle movie is like the middle OF a movie--it's where everything is building in intensity to the triumphant ending. Sometimes middle movies end with everyone in despair, other times it's just some major cliffhanger but the POINT of it is to make you want to come back to see the next one. I felt the ending of this movie was both of those rolled into one.

So is it dark? Certainly. I have to say though that I did not feel it was oppressively so. It WAS extremely intense which I guess may have Generally speaking super hero movies have reaaally baaad villains and I didn't feel the Joker seemed any more evil than any other villain in any other movie. I guess after Heath Ledger's death and all of the people insisting how he committed suicide because of the evilness and all that, it just didn't seem that bad. Hopefully this won't offend any friends who did think the movie was just extremely dark but I personally found it to be a great movie and will definitely look forward to the next one.